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31 Farrow Circuit, Seaford, SA 5169

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Hydro Excavation in the Adelaide Region

Are you looking to undertake a non-destructive digging project to service underground utilities or locate drainage and sewerage pipes? Look no further than Super Suction SA for all your hydro excavation requirements. Whether you are located in the metropolitan or regional Adelaide areas, Super Suction SA are able to service any hydro excavation project size and length. If you are looking for a free quote on our hydro excavation services, give Super Suction SA a call.

Super Suction SA hydro excavation Adelaide
Super Suction SA blue hydro excavation water truck on trailer Adelaide

What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation is the process of pressurised water being used to loosen the soil surrounding the underground utilities and pipes. This excess soil and debris is then removed from the working area and transferred to a vacuum truck in order for the debris to be easily removed from the working site to be utilised for other projects. Hydro excavation is considered the safest excavation method as it reduces the ultimate risk of injury to the operators as well as being more accurate to locate the utilities for replacement or maintenance.

What Are the Benefits of Hydro Excavation?

  • Increased safety, which reduces contractor injuries
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced price cost compared to traditional excavation techniques
  • Reduced damage to underground utilities, e.g. pipework, cabling and power
  • Reduced soil disturbance, therefore being more environmentally sympathetic
  • Being able to work in a range of weather conditions

Super Suction SA hydro excavation service and vacuum excavation truck Adelaide
Super Suction SA hydro excavation post hole jet rodding Adelaide

Hydro Excavation Machinery

In order to undertake any vacuum excavation project, including non-destructive digging, here at Super Suction SA we have a range of sucker trucks for hire that can tackle any of your vacuum excavation requirements. Our sucker trucks are maintained to the highest of standards and inspected before leaving our depot to ensure no breakdowns occur. Our vacuum truck range includes:

  • 2000L Vacuum Truck for Hire
  • 4000L Vacuum Truck for Hire
  • 8000L Vacuum Truck for Hire
  • 10000L Vacuum Truck for Hire

Contact Super Suction SA for Your Vacuum Excavation Needs

Here at Super Suction SA, we can tackle any hydro excavation project from residential, to commercial and industrial. Do you have a specialised hydro excavation project? No worries, Super Suction can complete all hydro excavation projects, whether your worksite is located in the metropolitan or regional Adelaide areas. Super Suction SA are here to guide you through every step of the way to ensure your project is a success. Get in contact with Super Suction SA either by phone call or our online enquiry form and discuss your next hydro excavation project with us.

Super Suction SA hydro excavation vacuum excavation truck for hire Adelaide

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